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Uncover a Sea of Possibilities in Yacht Chartering

A flotilla of yachts.
Types of Yacht

Your Perfect Yacht Awaits

Boutique Charters offers a completely personalised approach to yachting, providing access to over 10,000 yachts worldwide. Our expansive fleet options and extensive experience ensure a seamless match for a uniquely tailored journey.

Catamaran out at sea, with the view of an island.


With a design that minimises healing, the Catamaran is built to cater for your whole group, including large cabins with ensuites, and multiple areas to lounge and dine. A catamaran maintains the ability to sail without the cost of comfort. Perfect for the new sailor or anyone who prefers a steadier deck beneath their feet. Their shallow draft grants access to secluded beaches and hidden snorkelling spots, closer than other monohull yachts can manage.Catamarans can swiftly pick up pace downwind for thrill-seekers, augmented by dual engines for that extra push when desired.

A monohull yacht on the coast.


For the classic sailing experience, a monohull is unbeatable. If you're opting for a bareboat and aiming to enhance your sailing skills, a monohull is for you. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, let the crew take the strain, and simply savour the journey! Modern charter sailing boats may feel cosier compared to catamarans, yet they are expertly designed to maximise interior living and storage space. Chartering a monohull is generally more cost-effective than opting for a catamaran.

A superyacht out at sea.


Superyachts appeal to those seeking unparalleled luxury, privacy, and exclusivity. With opulent accommodations, customisable itineraries, and a range of water activities, these charters offer a unique and prestigious experience. Whether for scenic cruises, special occasions, or business gatherings, superyachts provide a high-end setting with a professional crew, making them a choice for those willing to invest in an extraordinary and memorable adventure.

Motoryacht / superyacht out at sea.


Reach your destination quickly! For the group that wants to explore many locations in one day, the Motoryacht is built for glamour, speed, and indulgence. Perfect for chasing the sun around the coast in any destination around the world.

A gullet yacht at sea.


Immerse yourself in the traditional way of exploring the Mediterranean coastlines. The Gulets are built with comfort in mind for the larger groups. Boasting large staterooms, expansive deck space for sunbathing and star gazing, as well as dinning areas to host your entire group of family and friends. Traditionally with 3-4 crew, let the experienced staff take care of all your needs and wants. Superyacht space without the expense.

Access to over 10,0000 yachts all over the globe.

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Highly seasoned and qualified crews.

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