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Crafting Adventures with Expertise and Passion

Charting New Horizons

Captain-Founded, Adventure-Driven

Boutique Charters was set up by two friends, colleagues and captains with years of experience in the yachting industry and a drive to enable people to enjoy the adventure and unmatched freedom of a yacht charter. Navigating through pristine azure waters, dropping anchor in serene coves, and indulging in secluded swims – these are unparalleled experiences that define our passion.

Seafaring Excellence

From Helm to Hospitality

With an extensive background in the charter industry, starting as captains and later transitioning to brokers, we recognise a genuine need. We firmly believe that individuals deserve the opportunity to revel in meticulously tailored yachting holidays while having absolute transparency regarding costs. Our journey from the helm to brokering has equipped us with unparalleled insights, inspiring us to provide a level of service that reflects our deep-rooted understanding of the yachting world.

Founding Crew

Start Your Journey with Us

Sam Crone

With a decade of experience as an officer in the New Zealand Navy, Sam traded in the rigour and precision of military life for that of a charter captain in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Having switched the disciplined naval service for the world of yachting. With extensive leadership and management experience both on and off the water, charter broking became a natural next step for him, sharing his wealth of knowledge and meticulous planning in creating phenomenal experiences for his guests.

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